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a little bit of Bea... almost 2!!! eeekk

I appologize to our plethora of readers who have not had an update since July 29th!!!! How negligent of me!


Bea has been a busy burdie... Now nearly 21 months and closing in on 2 years shortly you can imagine or whitness if you have seen us how very busy the Zurlo household is... and how exciting. Here are some updated pictures...

Bea being oh so silly with her monster face with Tia while on our DC trip!

cannot quite reach the ground on her cute bike at Yaya & Poppi's

I love this little burdie

at the park with momma

I found one just my size!

Torch Lake with Lola enjoying the bon fire!

silly Bea

on the swing with Yaya & the doggie friends
We are mad for our little toddler, she is completely oustanding and sassy to boot. She has her daddy and I (and ellie) on our toes constantly. Though she very good at listening and really truly has more patients than me; she loves to do everything on her own. It is awesome to watch and see her explore, whether its outstide, at the library or simply in our own apartment. We have enjoyed awesome visits from family, including Lola & Tia, trips to Yaya & Poppi's house, Uncle Patricks AWESOME band concerts with School of Rock and even a crazy awesome adventure roadtrip up to Torch Lake MI to visit with Sue the Great, Uncle P & Aunt T and their kiddos. Bea, daddy, Ellie & I have thouroughly enjoyed the end of Summer and start to Fall. We cannot wait to have our annual fall day in the coming weeks where we will spend the day together possibly hiking and then over to our local family pie bakery for some apple pie yummies and home to a fire in our fire place. We are very blessed. Talk to you soon!!! Love, momma


A little Friday update on the life of Bea...

Look how cute my little buggie is listening to story time! (she is on the right with her "Who" hair)

She is a natural on her little piano!

"Blues Clues!!!" Bea waiting patiently for dinner wth her trusty companion "Baby Giraffe"

"Fly like a bird" Bea & I at the park buzzing around.
love, momma :-)


Guess what ya'll?!!? Im a year and a half!!!!! Happy Happy 18 month to sweet Bea!!!

On this very special day a year and a half ago we were only a few hours away from being blessed with sweet Bea entering into our lives. Daddy & I are such proud parents only 18 months later and looking forward to all that we can share and all that Bea will teach us with all the years to come.

Bea currently loves: Splash time in the bath with momma, Blues Clues (I think she may have a crush on the new guy Joe ;-), going over for family time & swinging on the swing at Poppi & Yaya's house, her Giraffe from mommy named "baby", her best pal in the whole world Ellie, anything with Elmo (what kid doesn't?!), listening to momma sing as loud as possible in the car while she kicks her feet and other people look in a stare, they always look very confused (this is a daily occurrence), sweet potato fries, cut up fruit bars from daddy, playing hide & go seek she always seems to win at this game!, skyping with her Tia Burdie, and seeing her Lola's picture on momma's phone when she calls, going over every family picture one by one and naming all the loves in her life.

Thank you for visiting Life with Bea!     Bea says "nigh nigh" and is sending you now a big hug and smooocherooo.

Here are quite a few pictures of Bea, some you may have not seen before from the past 18 months!
We hope you enjoy!
Baby Bea just a few weeks old.

Bea with her Tia Burdie.

Bea & momma.

Bea meeting her great grandmother "Sue the Great"

Bea and her adoring Gigi & Colonel.

Silly Bea & Daddy playing.

Bea her daddy and her proud Uncle Nick.

Lola & not so happy Bea.

Bea & her Poppi at Yaya's Christmas party.

Bea reading which is one of her favorite things to do.

Bea & her Poppi at "Tea Time" at her school.

18 month old Bea coming home from school with momma!

Bea & Yaya at Easter!

Bea and her momma snuggling.

Bea and her Lola snuggling.

Fun playdough with Sue the Great!

Hello Bea!

Best Pals.

Like my do?!

On a walk with her Lola.
Bea 18 months old sends her loves to all. Thank you for stopping by!


Oh Happy Days...

Even though Bea has not found all of her words, I think this is what she would like to say to her daddy on this very special day:

"Daddy, thank you for whispering little secrets to me when I was still in mommas belly, from then I knew that I will always be your loved little girl. You make me feel safe, always, and you are there to be silly with me whenever I please. You allow me to pull at your nose, find you easily in hide and seek, climb all over you, stick toys in your face and you are even patient with me when I throw the occasional tantrum and for that I appreciate you more and more. I love to hear your keys in the door when you get home from work. Ellie and I then run to the door and you immediately give us smiles and love, you make my day when you pick me up and twirl me around kissing me and asking what I have done that day. You make me proud for all the love you have for me and momma, she and I are your biggest fans. My love will only grow as I continue to grow and learn and you are my most awesome teacher. Thank you for meeting momma and bringing me into this beautiful world.  I love you always daddy, Bea."

side note: I have tears of love relaying Bea's message.

:-), love always, momma


a little swim before bedtime...

In this way too hot 90+ weather our little family made a short trip to the pool before bedtime! Bea is definitely coming out of her little shell and enjoying herself too. Instead of clinging to mommy and daddy, she is actually letting us float her around. We are steadily encouraging her to kick her feet too!

She will be a water baby yet!!!

nighty night!


an afternoon in the life of Bea...

For those near and far, interested or not I thought it might be cute to give you some insight on a typical afternoon/ after mommy & daddy get home from work/ life of Bea...

Baby Bea, or should I say, toddler - 13 days shy of 17 months Bea, is one busy burdie.

After mommy has picked Bea up from "school" and fed both her and Ellie some nutritious crunchies, Daddy gets home! Its then a rush to get out of work clothes and into something comfy to enjoy the last few hours of the day with our little family. We get Ellie leashed and take Bea (snuggled up with her Giraffe baby, of course) outside and into her jogging stoller.  Babbling the entire way - Bea says "hiiii" to every doggie we pass, pointing and making sure daddy & I both notice every airplane and the moon when in view. We, as a little family, love our late afternoon walks. We stroll by lots of squirels, bunnies and through some great nearby neighborhoods. This is where we plan out how we will achieve all our future dreams - future owned home (or not)... more doggies... and of course sibling (s?) for Bea.
Birdie's Big-Girl Shoes [Book]

When we are all walked out we come back home to our happy rented 1st floor 2 bed 2 bath apartment, which we love. Our home going on 4 years now, is on top of a little hill in the sweetest little town in Northern VA, we are proud to start our little family here.
After we have folded up the stroller and made sure Ellie is hydrated, we get Bea all naked and ready for a bath. She LOVES the bath! This is mommy and Bea time, I have and will continue (until there is no room of course) to take a bath with Bea. We play with all her little bath animals and point at all the fishies & sea stars that I have stuck to the tiles. We read book after book after book. Bea's current favorite is "Birdies Big Girls Shoes" (as seen on right)
When Bea is all cleaned, teeth brushed, and prunie then daddy comes in and takes Bea to her room to get ready for "night night land". We are such blessed parents in every way possible of course but one being that it only takes a little while for Bea to drift off to sleep where she remains for up to 11 hours!!!
Then around 6:45 - 7:15 Bea wakes us up with her sweet babbling and we start our day again....

Bea enjoyed an awesome adventure with her Auntie Riah on the Tuesday after Memorial Day. We went to the Air & Space Museum!!! We strolled around looking at all the giant & tiny planes, gawked at the amazing inventions that people actually used to fly and of course with Bea's insistance - we sat in mostly every chair along the way!

love to all, Bea & Momma.