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Oh Happy Days...

Even though Bea has not found all of her words, I think this is what she would like to say to her daddy on this very special day:

"Daddy, thank you for whispering little secrets to me when I was still in mommas belly, from then I knew that I will always be your loved little girl. You make me feel safe, always, and you are there to be silly with me whenever I please. You allow me to pull at your nose, find you easily in hide and seek, climb all over you, stick toys in your face and you are even patient with me when I throw the occasional tantrum and for that I appreciate you more and more. I love to hear your keys in the door when you get home from work. Ellie and I then run to the door and you immediately give us smiles and love, you make my day when you pick me up and twirl me around kissing me and asking what I have done that day. You make me proud for all the love you have for me and momma, she and I are your biggest fans. My love will only grow as I continue to grow and learn and you are my most awesome teacher. Thank you for meeting momma and bringing me into this beautiful world.  I love you always daddy, Bea."

side note: I have tears of love relaying Bea's message.

:-), love always, momma

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