Welcome! Join us by following our most courageous experience - LIFE WITH A 1 YEAR OLD! Learn all the comings and goings of "Life with Bea" and her little pup Ellie, as told by me, proud momma Burd!


A weekend of Bea.

This weekend, while momma burd works her tushy off, Bea has been enjoying some quality time with her daddy. They have been watching the boob tube (Veggie Tales, Dora, Blues Clues & anything on Nick Jr. are always favs) playing with Bea's endless supply of toys in our living room, eating and loving ravioli (chicken & veggie, turkey & carrots...) and hanging on to the backs of daddys pant legs and exploring our little apt. home. I have been taking little Bea and Ellie May on awesome walks too lately thanks to our awesome, did I say awesome, highly recommended BOBA CARRIER!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It is our fancy new carrier where Bea up until 45 lbs can sit either facing forward or on my back and I can easily take her and Elle-Belles out for daily strolls! I will have daddy take a picture and post that and some others, including me in my new, not so broken in, shades that this blind (not really) momma burd has to wear. I am just waiting for Bea to figure out that she can remove them from my face. eeek... Well cheers to you all on this gorgeous weekend!!!

Love, e aka momma burd.


We are the proudest momma & daddy!

I am beyond proud to announce that on Saturday our little Bea took her first steps! 5 steps to be exact, arms outstretched for me, luckiest momma. I am overjoyed to announce this (can you tell?) and know that her running is right around the corner.
Although, we have not been able to recreate this amazing event :-) My hubby and I were able to spend an awesome weekend with our girls (Bea & Ellie pup who celebrated her 6th birthday last Tuesday). We even had a slumber party on Friday with my littlest sissy, Riah! We ate Wegmans pizza and stayed up late watching Disney's, Prince of Persia (awesome movie - I highly recommend). Saturday AM I made chocolate chip pancakes for Riah and I and we played with baby Bea while my sweet hubby was at work (only for 4 hours - he is such a hard workin daddy). Popi & Yaya then came over in the afternoon to pick up Riah and were there to witness this amazing event!
This is how it went down : Bea stood on her own, balanced by her filled oh so cute Hello Kittie backpack (as seen in a picture from older post) and her perfect baby belly, for about 15 seconds before taking her first 5 steps towards me. I totally had tunnel vision for this girl. The world around me closed and I literally felt my heart opening up with joy and pure pride that my little Bea was walking and choose to have me as her target on such a tremendous milestone!

That is all for now, and I wish you all a wonderful week (anyone else think we are having freak weather!?) and I will update soon!!!
Love, momma burd.


As promised... Videos of baby Bea!!! Yay!!!

Bea at the park on a BEA-utiful Valentines Day.

Baby Bea found an exciting obstacle course in the library!

The diaper train with daddy!

Going old school when Bea was just about 4 months old!

OK last one at 3 months old. She is such a love!

From our little family to yours Happiest Valentines Day!
love from Momma Burd, Daddy, Ellie & Baby Bea.


A peak at Bea's little nest...

Beautiful 12 month Ava Bea with her trusty companion (un named until Bea is ready) - Giraffe baby.
 Also seen here are her lovies - her gorgeous quilt from Auntie Tami
& her sweet, silky soft lovie & Lion from her Great - G - Slash Ma.

Lola made this beautiful sign for baby Bea.  Which says "shh baby sleeping" in the clouds on the top left.

My hubby's lovie "Wrinkles" is seen on the top shelf next to her pictures of her oh so proud Grandmothers (Gigi & Lola) and her birthday picture & stats.
On the second shelf are the tea cup party favors from my amazing baby shower
(thank you always Tia, Lola, Aunt Jennifer & Aunt Tami - I forever treasure that day!)
 Behind the tea cups are the sweetest bunny plates from Great - G -Slash Ma.
Also hanging on the door to the right is her birthday Hello Kitty backpack! TOOO CUTE!
Bea loves to rock out with her awesome stereo system from G-Slash seen on the changing table.
We dance party to some Raffi, Jewel, and Bob Marley, Bea has some great moves!

New crib view (with Bea snuggled in it) and you can see my little girl apron hanging on her Ava sign from Auntie Lisha.
The painting hanging over her bed has an awesome variety of painted birds on it.
Bea-utifully painted by all the women who were at my baby shower!
Bea has quite the collection of lovies & babies on her shelves and next to her bed.
The feathers are from Tia.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot taken by my sweet hubby,
It shows the gorgeous antique rocking chair from Lola
 Her oh so frilly curtains, which also hung in my little girl room.
Her braided rug from her daddy.
 Her picture & card collection hanging above her (over stuffed with bea-utiful clothes) closet
just a small glimpse of all the oh so fun toys our Bea has collected in her 12 months of gracing our life.
Baby Bea also had her 12 month check up  ~ We met with a new doctor at her pediatricians office, who we really like and will most definitely see again at her 15 months appointment.
Bea is growing perfectly and is...
  • 20 lbs 7 oz
  • 30 inches long
  • and was of course the sweetest baby her new Dr. has ever met. (OK she didn't say that, but I am so sure that is what she was thinking)
Thank you for visiting Bea's nest and staying tuned into "Life with Bea"

Love, momma Burd


Lola is here to visit!

This weekend we are so lucky to have Lola (my momma burd) here to visit! We are enjoying taking walks with Ellie pup, watching movies and playing tea party with little Bea. We spent a fun afternoon yesterday walking through William Sinoma & Le Creuset at the Leesburg P. Outlets. Lola treated Bea to the sweeeetest pair of Stride Right "Parker" baby shoes as seen below, just like Tia and I had when we were little burds! We finished the night at our favorite place - Wegmans and with all our loot we came home and made a pineapple and black olive pizza and simply relaxed. Perfect day.
Tomorrow hopefully the weather will be nicer and we can take Bea & Ellie on a nice walk but if not I am sure we can occupy our time watching Bea push her oh so cute walker around the apartment.
Right now, as I update you all on the "Life of Bea", Lola is rocking our sweet baby in her room after a relaxing bath and some sweet stories. I wish all our family lived closer so everyone could share these sweet moments; but, that's why I write this!
Night night all,
Love. e
"These (shoes) are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do..."


Bea's old crib, served her well.

Bea's new crib comfy and perfect for jumping in!

Screen shot from Bea's school camera! Yes I get to watch her whenever I am at work - it is AWESOME!

I have a lot to contribute today!

So a little more than a week ago sweet Bea turned 1 year old. I still cannot believe it, but it is true, all babies do not stay little tiny infants. She is a mover and a shaker, dancing at every whim. Can you tell I am mad for that girl?! Seriously though, this girl loves to dance. It is the cutest thing and as soon as I can I will post a video - cuz yeah, truly the sweetest thing. We had a big party, yummy chicken & steak tacos, and I went a little crazy with the jungle animal themed decorations. I also, with my step mom - M's guidance, made a kick butt giraffe birthday cake, animal necklace to boot! Matt and I made a picture dvd of our little Bea's first year and had all her favorites (& mine) songs playing on our itower. The party was awesome, except that little Bea had a little bit of a fever and runny nose, but once she tasted (& face planted more than once) into her extra large piece of cake she had her second wind. We finished the night by recounting stories with our G-Ma about her growing up in the big city and taking cabs this where and that and her talking about her favorite Great Aunt Elle (treasured moment for sure)
It was an AWESOME 1st Birthday weekend. Bring on 2!

As of her last doctors appt. Bea is 29 inches long, just right at 20 lbs, and simply made of perfection.
She loves, peas - spinach - kiwi - oatmeal w/ applesauce & her best bud Ellie. (& to dance)

A little bitty Bea.

Let's start here?

Ok here I go...
My beautiful daughter Bea was born a year and 13 days ago. On a brrrrr - brrrrr cold winter night. My water broke early in the morning. I had hit the snooze button one more time before I needed to get up to get ready for work and then I thought I had peed myself. I hurriedly cleaned up called my OB - the AWESOME Dr. B*, then called my hubby's office and told one of his co-workers that "at Matt's earliest convenience if he could call his laboring wife" (I thought that would get a speedy return call ;-) then I called my momma. My mom is an outstanding Neonatal RN who lives along with my sister (Tia) in southern VA. My mom was at work when I called and she excitedly and oh so calmly told me to get myself ready to go to the hospital and she would leave immediately to be right by my side. So. Of course I had to shower, shave my legs (cuz why not) packed my bag, Matt's bag, and Ellie (our pup)'s over night bag (she stayed with Tia during our hospital stay), and made my bed - mopped the kitchen floor - got the babe's room pristine and ready to welcome its new inhabitant and then Matt arrived. My best friend was beaming. He took our bags to the car and on the way called all the appropriate people to announce that the time for Bea to arrive has come!
At the "Birthing Inn" they checked me in and brought me to this enormous private room with my own bathroom (with tub, why not!). I labored pretty intensly for 17 hours with my mom, mother in law, and husband glued to my side. Family stayed updated via Matt's Facebook. After a not so helpful epidural and only advancing to 1 cm,  Bea was safely brought into this world via cesarian section. I woke up a couple hours later and was introduced to the littlest person that now holds my heart in her sweet little hands. This was the day I most deeply fell in love.