Welcome! Join us by following our most courageous experience - LIFE WITH A 1 YEAR OLD! Learn all the comings and goings of "Life with Bea" and her little pup Ellie, as told by me, proud momma Burd!


Lola is here to visit!

This weekend we are so lucky to have Lola (my momma burd) here to visit! We are enjoying taking walks with Ellie pup, watching movies and playing tea party with little Bea. We spent a fun afternoon yesterday walking through William Sinoma & Le Creuset at the Leesburg P. Outlets. Lola treated Bea to the sweeeetest pair of Stride Right "Parker" baby shoes as seen below, just like Tia and I had when we were little burds! We finished the night at our favorite place - Wegmans and with all our loot we came home and made a pineapple and black olive pizza and simply relaxed. Perfect day.
Tomorrow hopefully the weather will be nicer and we can take Bea & Ellie on a nice walk but if not I am sure we can occupy our time watching Bea push her oh so cute walker around the apartment.
Right now, as I update you all on the "Life of Bea", Lola is rocking our sweet baby in her room after a relaxing bath and some sweet stories. I wish all our family lived closer so everyone could share these sweet moments; but, that's why I write this!
Night night all,
Love. e
"These (shoes) are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do..."

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