Welcome! Join us by following our most courageous experience - LIFE WITH A 1 YEAR OLD! Learn all the comings and goings of "Life with Bea" and her little pup Ellie, as told by me, proud momma Burd!


I have a lot to contribute today!

So a little more than a week ago sweet Bea turned 1 year old. I still cannot believe it, but it is true, all babies do not stay little tiny infants. She is a mover and a shaker, dancing at every whim. Can you tell I am mad for that girl?! Seriously though, this girl loves to dance. It is the cutest thing and as soon as I can I will post a video - cuz yeah, truly the sweetest thing. We had a big party, yummy chicken & steak tacos, and I went a little crazy with the jungle animal themed decorations. I also, with my step mom - M's guidance, made a kick butt giraffe birthday cake, animal necklace to boot! Matt and I made a picture dvd of our little Bea's first year and had all her favorites (& mine) songs playing on our itower. The party was awesome, except that little Bea had a little bit of a fever and runny nose, but once she tasted (& face planted more than once) into her extra large piece of cake she had her second wind. We finished the night by recounting stories with our G-Ma about her growing up in the big city and taking cabs this where and that and her talking about her favorite Great Aunt Elle (treasured moment for sure)
It was an AWESOME 1st Birthday weekend. Bring on 2!

As of her last doctors appt. Bea is 29 inches long, just right at 20 lbs, and simply made of perfection.
She loves, peas - spinach - kiwi - oatmeal w/ applesauce & her best bud Ellie. (& to dance)

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