Welcome! Join us by following our most courageous experience - LIFE WITH A 1 YEAR OLD! Learn all the comings and goings of "Life with Bea" and her little pup Ellie, as told by me, proud momma Burd!


Our little mover.

Bea is on the verge of taking over the world... or at least our apartment. She has mastered the art of walking in between her Yaya, Auntie Riah and her momma (as seen in the video) and just has us cracking up at her oh so lady like eating habits (also seen in video).

We are also so very proud and overjoyed with the news that our little "sharing mommy & daddy's bed" for most of last week is o-v-e-r. While co-sleeping is a beautiful concept for some it does not work for this momma and daddy! I need my sleep, but every heel to my stomach and Beas continuous need to scratch her daddy's back while whispering "dadadadada" does not allow for any snoozing. Even our pup Ellie was over it by night 3. Luckily with the encouragement of our good friend LJ, that little vaca (from sleep) is done. (Until the hour and a half crying bouts start back up again) ... eeek!

Its been a warm and rainy past couple of weeks but Bea has enjoyed a couple park excursions (she has no fear on the swing!), some hikes with momma, daddy and pup (as seen in pictures), a Yaya & Popi babysitting Saturday (thank you again!) and a library trip. We are also going, this Wednesday, back to our beautiful local library for a Toddler reading session! Bea and I will get all dolled up for this little outing and maybe have a little lunch together for a momma & baby Bea date~ cant wait!!!

Love to all!
momma e

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