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Hello! Its been a while...

 I-ma bad momma... I know it’s been too long since you all have had an update on our sweet Bea.
So here are some updates...
  • Bea now has 6 teeth, 4 up front center on top and two front-center on bottom. Our girl also loves to brush! OOO's and AAAH's when I get her tooth brush ready then we sing a little song to make sure the job is done right ;-)
  • She is steadily progressing with walking, especially when she is holding mine or my hubbys hands, she loves to be out venturing on her own, but her "invisible leash" (the point where she is too far and turns around to see where momma or daddy are) is only about two - three feet (which will grow I'm sure  ;-(.
  • Bea's Tia Burdie came to visit for a weekend and we took her on her very first Zoo trip. We made it oh so special and went to the National Zoo in DC on a perfect, not too hot not too cool, Monday. We drove all the way through instead of dealing with the Metro and parked near the petting zoo, where Bea saw her first live COW!!!!!! She has such a funny way of showing her excitement stretching her little face back and going "eeeeeeeeee" this time when she saw the "MooMoo cow" she said "moooooooooooooooooooooooo"   TOO CUTE!!! We saw beautiful lions with 6 baby cubs and 2 regal lionesses and took tons of great pictures that as soon as I can I will post!
  • Tia also brought with her a posh little rain coat from Tia, Lola & Auntie Tye Tye. Its pink with bows all over it and just screams Bea! (Picture below!)
  • The following weekend to Tia's trip, Lola came to visit and we ventured our hinies back to DC to do a museum tour!!! (my personal fav. thing to do!!!) We enjoyed an awesome brunch at L’Enfant hotel where Bea tried and is now obsessed with smoked salmon (my girl has expensive taste - they don’t call her "Diva" at school for nothin!) We went over to "The Castle" Smithsonian museum and fell in love with an East Asian Buddhism exhibit, with gorgeous statues and replicas of Buddha and Bodhisattvas. Lola knows such a great deal about that beautiful way of life and I look forward to her passing her knowledge on to our little Bea. We also toured the Museum of Natural History and Bea went wild with all of the animals she saw, especially the giant elephant and brown bear! It was a lovely adventure through our beautiful capitol and I look forward to many more trips!
  • On Sunday during Lola's trip we went to Tyson’s Corner mall and shopped around of course finding beautiful things that Bea absolutely needed and.... wait for it..... BEA GOT HER EARS PIERCED!!! Little cz studs in those little ears. She was such a brave little burd and now has a little sparkle in her step!
  • Now that we are officially in the midst of spring (though it doesn’t feel like it yet, ahhhemmm weather!) We are looking forward to an Easter visit from our California family! Aunt Vickie, Uncle Tony & their little chickens along with Nana & Grandpa are coming out to visit for a little while, staying with Poppi & Yaya. And they get to meet our Bea for the first time!!! We are way excited to not only enjoy Easter with them but also to Celebrate Auntie Riah's Birthday!!!

P.S. I solemnly vow to update this blog more often and post more pictures when I have developed them from my camera. I momma Burd solemnly vow. ;-)

Bea's new raincoat! (& her Maggie black lab puppy she wont put down!)

Bea met a monkey.

Love this picture of Bea & her Lola!

Sparkly ears!

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