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Bea's silly new laugh...

Hello Bea followers and those just stopping by...

BEA IS 15 MONTHS OLD TODAY!!! Just so ya know...

Bea and I are overjoyed it is SPRING!!!  Now that the sun has been shining its beautiful rays in our lives - we have been out and active!!! My wonderful hubby and I even got Bea her own new chariot (Schwinn bike trailer) as seen in the photo below, she loved it so much she snoozed most of the 6 mile trip on the W& OD trail (awesome trail that goes through a most of Northern VA).  We stopped by a local deli on the way back and enjoyed some iced tea and fruit for lunch. I love little family outings like this :-) Next time Ellie (Bea's trusty four legged furry companion) is definitely coming with, she actually loves running along side my beach cruiser  and its great exercise for her too!

On an especially windy day off last week Bea & I met up with a friend and her beautiful girls for a tennis court play date! Bea and her little friend enjoyed riffling through Bea's Easter basket she had received that day from my great friend LJ, they played with play dough, books and cute cute little scuba bath toys. Bea and her friend ran around the court, gabbing baby talk and marveling at the airplanes that fly overhead from our local airport. The pictures as seen below turned out sooo darn cute. Cant wait for another play date (rain rain go away little Bea wants to play!!!)

We have lots of family in town right now staying at my dads, so Bea has enjoyed a ton of attention and already a Gettysburg trip with her daddy. We ventured on over to Baltimore for a rainy day trip to the Port Authority, where my littlest sister, cousins and Bea enjoyed romping around in a gigantic jungle gym and their new toddler room. Bea found a Bee that she especially liked, it was very cute it s buzzed when she touched it.  We will be celebrating my littlest sisters birthday on the 22nd and have a bunny filled Easter weekend celebration with lots of egg hunting and snuggles with Bea!!! Happy Spring Week Everyone!!!    ps i will add pic's of our family visit and Easter very shortly!

love love love, momma burd.

Daddy making sure Bea is snug and secure

secrets between girlfriends.

sweet girls!

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