Welcome! Join us by following our most courageous experience - LIFE WITH A 1 YEAR OLD! Learn all the comings and goings of "Life with Bea" and her little pup Ellie, as told by me, proud momma Burd!


in addition to "Bea met a monkey"

by popular demand... here are some more DC, Zoo and a visit to Poppi & Yaya's house pictures!!!

This is Bea's excited face!!! Too cute right?!

Bea kept calling the big cats "dog"

so regal

Proud Tia & Bea

"eeeeeee" so excited!

on the edge of her stroller seat!

A tour through DC

Lola & Bea (isnt this just the sweetest green dress!)

"Look ma!"

I love this.

Bea loves to read and has a plethora of toys and books at Poppi & Yaya's house!

Tia, Uncle P and Poppi and their electronics... :-)

Yaya singing with Bea, too cute!

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